Wednesday, 17 December 2014

In the Shadows - 13th December 2014

Barred Warbler
Barred Warbler
We got up early to try and see this Barred Warbler in all its glory, out in the open in the Portland Bird Obs garden, feeding on apple segments. The bird is an immature, and therefore not in its best plumage, but still a nice bird to see. However, the conditions weren't the best, gloomy and dull and the bird was in the shadows. It was showing very well, so I took plenty of pictures; hopefully my best ones are on here!

Barred Warbler
The sun coming out didn't really help because it came from where we were pretty much facing so the light wasn't very good. But it helped in the way that there was actually some form of a light source.

The light did, however create an interesting sky with a silhouette of a Robin according to Dad, but I'm not convinced! But thought I would show you anyway. When the the sun was rising, a Kestrel flew into the sunrise which looked rather nice.