Sunday, 8 February 2015

Finally! - 8th February 2015

Tufted Duck
After a whole year of trying to see the pesky Bearded Tits at Radipole Lake, the deadlock was broken when we had great views today. When we arrived on the off chance that they would be there, to our astonishment they were hanging around in between the shadow of the Visitor Centre and the sunlight. But unfortunately they kept feeding in the shadow. To pass some time I decided to take some pictures of a Tufted Duck.

Bearded Tit
After impatiently waiting for a while, the Bearded Tits eventually started to work their way over into the sunlight. However this was the start of another problem, the wind which was blowing like mad outside the shield of the Visitor Centre. With the reeds moving and the birds facing the wrong way, it took a while to get the right shot but I finally got it.

Bearded Tit

Here's another one of the best pics but not quite as good as the first one.