Saturday, 28 June 2014

Looking for Nightjars again - 27th June 2014

Accompanied by Gabe, we set out to look for Nightjars, which Gabe had never seen before. We were welcomed rather nicely by a beautiful sunset.

Gull flying across the sunset
Just one of the very few birds that we sighted on the heath.

Deer were out and about on the heath as we continued to search for the nocturnal creatures.

As we headed back pretty much birdless, a loud churring sound came out of a nearby tree; a Nightjar eventually came out and perched. Believe it or not, the bird is on the left of the forked branch. Honest!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Families Everywhere - 7th June 2014

Common Tern
We went to Weymouth to celebrate a cousin's birthday and we walked up and down the front of the beach when a Common Tern perched up on a marker post.

Marsh Harrier
On the way back along the front a Marsh Harrier came up out of the Lodmoor marshes.

After we came home, we couldn't resist the opportunity to go and see a Dartford Warbler on the heath.This juvenile Stonechat was the first bird we saw.

Dartford Wabler
Luckily, a Dartford Warbler was bombing around in the bushes on the heath.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Back to the Bog - 1st June 2014

Short-toed Eagle
We set off yet again at the early hour of 07:00, not to see a Bee-eater, but to see if we could get better views of the Eagle and sure enough, we did. Better photos as well.

Short-toed Eagle
We finally decided to cautiously walk nearer to the bird and join the majority of the birders. We settled in a spot 150 meters from the bird. Unfortunately, the haze makes the photo slightly out of focus. For once in my life I wished it was colder.