Saturday, 7 June 2014

Families Everywhere - 7th June 2014

Common Tern
We went to Weymouth to celebrate a cousin's birthday and we walked up and down the front of the beach when a Common Tern perched up on a marker post.

Marsh Harrier
On the way back along the front a Marsh Harrier came up out of the Lodmoor marshes.

After we came home, we couldn't resist the opportunity to go and see a Dartford Warbler on the heath.This juvenile Stonechat was the first bird we saw.

Dartford Wabler
Luckily, a Dartford Warbler was bombing around in the bushes on the heath.


  1. These shots are almost as good as the ones you do with your boots! Great pics from our afternoon at Weymouth Joe. The tern has come out beautifully and you've taken a good one of the marsh harrier too - right in between the houses. Great to see you the other day.
    Cheers Uncle A