Tuesday, 23 September 2014

September Migrants - September 2014

Northern Wheatear
We went to Middlebere in the evening and it didn't disappoint. Full of migrants, we wandered up to the flooded grass area having to stop along the way several times due to birds just waiting to be photographed.

But, the sun had the better of us with Whinchats perching with the sun in front of me, making it hard to photograph the birds.

Meadow Pipit
However, when the sun is behind you, it's a whole different story. This Meadow Pipit flew into what looks like floating heather.

Northern Wheatear
We went to Portland the other day and didn't manage to see much apart from this Wheatear. I took the majority of a page worth of pictures of this bird so it was a job choosing the best one.

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