Monday, 5 January 2015

Pick your pic! - 4th Jaunary 2015

As 2014 has ended I thought I would follow in the steps of Peter Moore and write a 2014 best pictures blog. Please leave a comment at the bottom if possible to say which is your favorite pic.

Red Kite
This Red Kite picture was taken in Oxfordshire up on the Downs. We walked along the edge of a field to find the bird soaring over our heads. Of course, sports mode (a setting on the camera) is the only option for flight shots so the sound of gunfire came from the camera. This may have not appeared on the blog in the past but it is a worthy contender.

Emperor Dragonfly 
Now this may not be a bird but it shows how a female Emperor Dragonfly lays its eggs in the Portland Bird Observatory pond. This was taken earlier in the year in August when we stayed three nights at Portland.

When we were in Keyhaven, we saw a Redshank on the mud during our walk that just looked liked it wanted a picture. And sure enough he got a good one. So this one is a competitor.

Common Tern
This Common Tern appeared in the blog quite a while back in June when we were walking along the sea front at Weymouth when this specimen popped up on top of a groyne post. Took a bit of sneaking up, but eventually got the shot.

Finally, but by no means least, this Yellowhammer was at Challow Hill, near Corfe Castle. It was a long way up the hill but definitely worth the effort as they are such amazing birds.

I would just would like to remind you that it would be great if you could comment on your favourite pic if possible. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog in 2014 and the posts will keep coming! Please comment if you can!


  1. I like the common tern best...CM

  2. Hi Joe
    The Yellowhammer is my favourite

  3. I think I'll go for the Emperor

  4. I agree with Mike: Emperer is a very interesting composition. How come the Hawfinch didn't make the shortlist?!?

    PS I have never had 5 comments on a blog post. Why do I bother?

  5. I think the picture of the emperor dragonfly is amazing, Joe---However for cuteness it has to be the Yellowhammer!!

  6. For me, it has to be the red kite. I know how hard it is to get close to them. your shot captured the effortless grace with which they soar around. plus I know how hard you worked to get it, so well done, Joe!