Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Smashing Swineham, Painful Portland - 27th May 2014

Grey Heron
We decided to go to Swineham for part of our day to see what was there. It had a variety of birds that you don't see every day. This Grey Heron was the first decent bird out today. 

Male Reed Bunting
There must be a nest around here because both parents were either gathering nest material or food. 

Female Reed Bunting
As soon as the male went walk-abouts, the female started to become more active. You can tell this is a female because the colour is not as bold and bright, this is because the female is normally sitting on the nest and needs to be camouflaged. 

Common Buzzard
There were four mobile Bee-eaters up at Portland so we decided to go and try and see them. As we were coming back from the Observatory, an emergency stop was necessary for this very close Buzzard.

Herring Gull
When we were searching for the Bee-eaters at Cheyne Wears this Herring Gull was perched close to the car park. Unfortunately, we didn't see the Bee-eaters at all. So apart from a Buzzard and Herring Gull, Portland was pretty bad.

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