Saturday, 3 May 2014

Some of Purbeck's Finest - 3rd May 2014

Common Whitethroat
Durlston was the starting point of this Purbeck tour, where a ringing session was in full action. Well, I say in full action but there wasn't much action. After seeing a lonely Blackbird we gave up and went on our traditional Durlston walk where Common Whitethroats were out and about.

Great Black-backed Gull
The walk led to the Observation Point where a Great Black-backed Gull was perched perfectly on a ledge squawking its head off. You can tell that it is a Great Black-backed Gull as opposed to a Lesser Black-backed Gull because Greats have pink legs and Lessers have yellow legs.

Willow Warbler
After about an hour sitting at home, Dad felt the need to go and breathe even more fresh air, a walk at the farm would suit his need. 20 minutes in to his walk Dad spotted a Willow Warbler. The phone rang, nobody could be bothered to pick it up so the message went: "could somebody pick up the phone." I rushed to phone and picked it up. Dad said there was a Willow Warbler settled in a tree.

Challow Hill, Yellowhammer city. Nightingale was the main target but at the moment it seems pretty elusive and secretive. I don't think the Nightingale has been seen for the past week now.

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