Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lots of tails - 23rd October 2014

Pied Wagtail
We went to Radipole to see if we could track down a Long-tailed Duck and a massive Pied Wagtail flock.

Long-tailed Duck
We could see the duck from the Visitor Centre so we went in for a closer look. But our luck was about to turn. The bird took off and flew further left down the river. As I'm not really a flight shot sort of person I don't have much experience so I didn't get very good pictures at all but I thought I'd show you; the Long-tailed Duck is in the bottom left hand corner.

Little Grebe
We walked down the river trying to find the Long-tailed Duck, we had no luck though. We saw a Little Grebe also known as a Dabchick swimming close in to the river bank.

While we at the river bank we saw a Kingfisher on the other side, nightmare to photograph as it is a small bird and was quite a long way away. It also blends in well with the green bush so I spent about five minutes trying to get a decent picture.

Pied Wagtail
The number of Wagtails gradually increased as we stayed there longer. We drove up to some wags in puddles to see if we could get a picture of the Wagtail's reflection. We managed to get close enough to get this picture.

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  1. Has to be Yellowhammer for me Joe…scarce in Poole Harbour and one of my favourite sounds of summer….great photo matey!