Sunday, 2 November 2014

Where's that Shank? - 27th and 28th October 2014

On our way down to Cornwall, we thought we would stop in at the Hayle Estuary to see a Lesser Yellowlegs AKA Yellowshank. However, this was a much more difficult task than we expected. We drove down the road parallel to the place where the bird had been seen recently, stopping at every group of Redshanks we could see. No luck though, so we headed to the other side to see if the Lesser Yellowlegs had made an appearance. It hadn't. There was another group of Redshanks that made for a nice photo so we didn't leave quite empty handed.

Lesser Yellowlegs
On our way to the beach, we dropped in to see if the bird was there. Take a wild guess if it was there or not? Of course it wasn't! Due to the enthusiasm of Dad, we just had to pop in on the way back. You know the story, it wasn't there as assumed by yours truly. The next day, on our way back from a surfing lesson, we had to go and see if it was there and we spotted a yellow legged bird that looked very much like the one we were looking for. And indeed it was.

A Redshank was an irresistible opportunity to get a lovely pic with its red legs and black tipped beak. This time we left fully handed.

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