Thursday, 13 November 2014

Ringing at Radipole - 31st October 2014

Mediterranean Gull
We went to Radipole, again!, to watch some ringing, courtesy of Luke Phillips, taking place. Not that a lot was a lot taking place! To pass some time, I took some pictures of Mediterranean Gulls that seemed everywhere. There weren't just Med Gulls, oh no, there were Black-headed Gulls and even a Common Gull. But, unfortunately that was too far away to get any ok pictures. But we did manage to spot something rather interesting. A Mediterranean Gull had a yellow ring on its leg, this means that the gull was ringed in England. Apparently, this is quite unusual.


There were lots of Stonechats around the nets and it took a while to catch one but eventually we did. This is also fairly rare at Radipole, so I was fortunate to see it in the hand.

Pallas's Wabler
Then, reports of a Pallas's Wabler on Portland came in and after much consideration we decided to go, unfortunately leaving behind Radipole. When we had finally finished battling our way through lots of unneeded traffic, we arrived. It took a while for the bird to appear but when it did it seemed very elusive. But, when it did finally come out, it showed really well.

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