Monday, 17 November 2014

Luck for once! - 15th November 2014

Isabelline Shrike
We ventured out to Hengistbury Head to see an elusive Isabelline Shrike. When we turned up at the site we were very lucky to see it almost straight away. At first, we were facing the sun but still managed to get some shots.

Isabelline Shrike
Because the sun was in our faces we went through a gap in the hedge on to the other side but we couldn't seem to see the bird. It was there though, just being covered by some twigs. When it came up it just didn't want to turn round but this picture shows the rusty tail.

Isabelline Shrike
After some waiting the head finally came up. However, disappointingly you can't see the tail but it has got the head, chunky bill and yellow eye outline. So it was really good to just turn up and see it because this, let's be honest, does not happen often!

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