Saturday, 28 March 2015

Another Gull at Radipole - 27th March 2015

Bonaparte's Gull
On Friday, there were reports in the morning that there was a Bonaparte's Gull at Radipole Lake. Now this wasn't the first sighting around Weymouth recently, there was one at Ferry Bridge about three weeks ago which then came to Radipole a week later, but it is the same one. In the afternoon, I was leisurely walking out of school and when I got in the car, Dad told me about the gull and in no less than 40 minutes, we were there. We hurried down the Buddleia loop having heard that the bird was still there. At first, we couldn't see it but when we went a little bit further, we could. It was making acrobatic turns and fly pasts about 10 to 20 metres away. Bonaparte's Gulls come from North America are very rare in Dorset, this is the first for over 30 years.

Bonaparte's Gull
Considering that it was a dull grey day, we didn't spend long taking photos but these were the best I got. For much better photos when the bird was at Radipole previously, go to Peter Moore's blog and scroll down until you get to the title: Waiting for a gull like you...

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