Sunday, 26 April 2015

What's been around - April 2015

A few weeks ago, we went up Challow Hill to see if we could find a Yellowhammer.  The further we went up, the more common they were.  It took a while to get close enough to this one to get a good photograph.  Yellowhammers are a beautiful bird to photograph. 

About a week ago, we went to Portland to see what was around the island.  When we were walking down to the Bill, we saw a Linnet on a bramble swaying around in the wind.  When the bramble eventually stayed still I managed to get a picture.

Dartford Warbler
Recently, we went out on Middlebere Heath to see if we could get a picture of a Dartford Warbler. We didn't see one for a while but eventually we saw one perch up and then dip back down into the gorse.  We waited for it to come back up and soon enough it did.  Bit of a scruffy tail but the bird perched up nicely.

A few days ago, we went to Swyre Head to see if we could get a photo of a Pheasant.  It wasn't looking good at first because we couldn't actually see any for a while.  Right at the end of the walk, there was one sat on its own in a field.  I managed to get close enough to get this headshot of the bird.  You can see the lovely markings on its chest and head.

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